This American woman started selling tea, earned more than 250 crores

For India and Indians, tea is more than just a beverage. This is the most effective way of connecting the relationship. Not knowing how a cup of tea here can remove all grievances. On the morning and evening tea, there are so many debates from home to politics, big decisions are taken.

But people can become a millionaire by serving tea, hardly anyone will think that. A woman from America has become a millionaire by selling tea in India. How? read ahead.

Brook eddy (left)

  • The name of this woman is – Brook Eddy and this story starts from the year 2002. When Brook Edie reached India in connection with a social program based on devotion.
  • During her travels, Brooke also went to different villages in western India, where she tasted the true taste of Indian tea.


  • Brook fell in love with the tea here. She realized that the cafes that serve tea in his country are far from the taste of Indian tea.
  • When Brook returned to Colorado, US from India, she decided to sell tea herself.

Devotional tea

  • Brook Eddie starts selling tea in his car trunk. Named his start-up – Bhakti Chai.
  • Soon, tea of ​​Brook became a favorite among friends and neighbors. By 2007, the single mother brook of two children quit the job and created her own website called ‘Bhakti Chai’.

Devotional tea

  • According to the Bhakti Tea website, Brook offers a variety of teas, such as ginger tea, green tea, green tea smoothie, chocolate tea energy baits, chocolate tea truffle, etc.
  • From the beginning till now, Brook has earned a profit of over 250 crores through Bhakti tea.
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