This Instagram account is showcasing pictures of unique houses and the interesting objects inside them, including those that are wild, epic, or bizarre.

What does your house say about you? It might tell the world that you’re extremely neat and tidy. It might say how artistic you are, if you’ve given the home a creative paint job and quirky decorations. Your home can tell visitors that you wish you lived in a different decade, or it can be a representation of your unconditional love of cats. Whatever story your home writes about you, you should be proud of it! Your humble abode is yours, and I’m sure the world would be happy to see it. Especially if you you’ve thought outside of the box in terms of design and décor.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the wildest and most fascinating pics from the What the Crazy House Instagram account, so you pandas can get some inspiration for your own homes! (Or just marvel at how brave these other homeowners are…) Be sure to upvote the pictures that captivate or confuse you, and then let us know in the comments below if you’d be willing to move into any of these wild homes.

Keep reading to also find a conversation we were lucky enough to have with the creator of What the Crazy House, Robyn, and then if you’re interested in checking out even more of these quirky homes, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the same Instagram account right here!

#1 Super Cool Tree House House!


To learn more about What the Crazy House, we reached out to the creator of the account, Robyn, a married mother of two who lives in Ohio. She actually spoke to Bored Panda about 4 months ago, the last time we covered What the Crazy House, and explained that the account was created on a whim back in February of 2019. Robyn noted that she’s always loved looking at houses, and clearly, she’s not the only one. Her page has been gaining more traction over time, and it’s already reached over 18k followers.

Robyn was kind enough to have another chat with us and give a little update on how the account has been going. “I get new followers every day, and it’s just wild,” she told Bored Panda. “I’m so proud to have done this organically with just people deciding to follow.”

#2 Please Enjoy This Cabin In The Ca Woods With It’s Separate Bath House – All Tiled To Perfection


#3 #deathtrapstairs


Yes I’m aware the house is unfinished with the electrical sockets hanging out of the wall. And maybe a railing is going up but the angle of these was weird enough to post

We were also curious if Robyn has any particularly wild elements in her own home or if running this page has inspired her to be a bit more liberal with her design. “My home is very colorful,” she shared. “I don’t shy away from color. My front room is literally turquoise with a white couch and purple pillows. I love to be surrounded by blues and yellows and greens. It makes me happy.”

But she noted that she’s not quite as bold as many of the homeowners whose houses get featured on her page. “I think I’m too scared to do anything too wild,” she admitted. “I just posted a house that had green walls and the trim work was black and white checked– I don’t think I’m that brave,” she added with a laugh. “In a way, I admire people like that– quirky and funky.”

#4 I’ve Never Seen So Many Damn Cabinets In A Bathroom Before


#5 Worlds Skinniest House. 3-5 Feet Across


#6 Easter Island Vibes


When it comes to what a person’s home says about them, Robyn told Bored Panda, “I think your home should express you for sure. I’m glad some people have the guts to go all out and really make their space theirs.”

“My home (I hope!) is welcoming and ready to relax in. I have two young kids, so toys have taken over,” she shared with a laugh.

We were also curious if Robyn has a favorite home she’s ever shared on the page, or if she can recall any that she would actually be willing to move into. “Oh, this is a great question! I don’t know if I have a favorite. I do have some I would live in, but mostly they are too wild for me.”

#7 #deathtrapstairs Bc They Make Me Dizzy


#8 Getting Wild In The Sunroom


#9 I’m Scared Of Every Single Square Inch Timmy…. Every One


And as for the future of What the Crazy House, Robyn shared that her “plans are to keep growing and keep posting stuff to make people laugh”. “That’s always my goal. To be a little bright spot in people’s day while they scroll.”

And if you too are a connoisseur of creative homes, Robyn would love to see what you find along the way. “Thanks for being here and supporting me! I love to share with people and chat with them, so send me all the things you find!”

#10 Hahahahahaha


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