These well-known stars trolled on social media due to bad makeup, number 2 was seen as masculine

Her beauty means the most to any girl. Everyone wants them to look the most beautiful and attractive. There are many actresses in Bollywood and TV industry who have undergone various surgeries to look attractive. At the same time, there are some actresses who apply a lot of makeup to look beautiful. There are so many pimples and stains on their face that they needs make-up to hide them. If you see these actresses without makeup, then it will be difficult to identify them.

Makeup is used to enhance beauty, but if this makeup is done wrongly, instead of increasing your beauty, it can decrease and you can look so bad that it is difficult to guess. The same happens sometimes with Bollywood actresses. These actresses, always tip top and good looking, have also been spotted in the look when their makeup was very bad. Recently, Ranu Mandal was trolled on social media for her heavy makeup. In such a post today, we are going to introduce you to 8 such stars who have been trolled due to bad makeup.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, known as the style icon, was trolled due to this picture. Her bad makeup is clearly seen in this picture.

Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood’s Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant has been trolled not once due to bad makeup. After seeing this picture, many people started calling her men.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is a Hollywood star today, but you will surely be surprised to see her picture. Today, perfect looking Priyanka from top to bottom has also been trolled for bad makeup.

Ranu Mandal

Recently, pictures of Ranu Mandal went viral on social media in which she was trolled for heavy makeup at this age. Age is still fine, makeup did not suit her skin tone at all.

Kangana Ranaut

Queen Kangana of Bollywood is always seen in perfect makeup but at one time she has been trolled due to over makeup.

Gauri Khan

Although Gauri is very glamorous in appearance, this photo of her became very viral on social media, in which she was trolled for bad makeup.


Late actress Sridevi has also been trolled for bad makeup. As you can see in this picture, how poorly her makeup has been done.

Aishwarya Rai

You can see the makeup of the most beautiful woman in the world in this photo. Although, she is also looking beautiful in this but her makeup is very bad, due to which she was also trolled.

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