From Paan Parag to Hamara Bajaj, childhood memories will be refreshed by watching these advertisements

In today’s time, there are so many advertisements on TV that people do not pay attention to these advertisements, but when the television started, some of the advertisements that came at that time made a lot of buzz. Even today, the memories of those advertisements are fresh in people’s hearts. On hearing the music of those advertisements, you remember all those advertisements which used to be on TV at that time. These advertisements appearing on the Indian Public Service Broadcasting Doordarshan were seen in all the houses. In the beginning of Doordarshan, only ordinary artists used to work in advertisements, but to increase the popularity of advertisements, television actors started to be included in advertisements. In the 80s, many stars like Kishore Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Kapil Dev, Vinod Khanna worked in commercials.

Whereas in the 90s, actors like Salman Khan Aamir Khan Juhi Chawla started appearing in advertisements. Those who were born in the 80s will not be able to forget these advertisements till date. If we can tell you that from Doordarshan, we were able to see all the world, then there will be nothing wrong in this. Today we are going to tell you about those five commercials of Doordarshan which were on the minds of the people in the early stages of television.

Pan Parag Pan Masala: In this, the wedding processions were welcomed with Pan Parag. You might remember the song Paan Parag Paan Masala till date.

At the time, in the advertisement of Complan on television, Shahid Kapoor used to say, “I am a Complan Boy”, it felt as if the height has suddenly increased. All the children of the house insisted on drinking Complan.

You must remember the Bajaj scooter advertisement. Now Bajaj scooter is no longer among us. Bajaj company has stopped making scooters, but in the early stages of television, the advertisement “Hamara Kal Hamara Aaj Buland Bharat Ki Buland Tasveer Hamara Bajaj” was very popular. Due to Bajaj’s advertisement, scooters came in many people’s homes. At that time the prevalence of Bajaj scooter was so much that the bikes were rarely seen.

No one has forgotten the advertisement for sun drop oil till date. In this advertisement, when Jalebi and the child used to jump on the Puri.

You all might remember the advertisement of Nirma Soap. There is no need to tell anything about this advertisement. This advertisement came for such a long time that we were able to get out of mind. After seeing the advertisement, Nirma washing powder got so much in people’s hearts that people used to go to the shop and ask for Nirma instead of speaking washing powder. At that time there was no other washing powder in the market than Nirma.

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