Indian government considering censorship of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

There is talk of censorship of video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. Many organizations have even demanded a ban, accusing Netflix of pornographic content. At the same time, there is news that the government is considering censorship of video streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. a senior government official has given this information to Reuters. Reuters was told by a senior official that several complaints have been lodged against online video streaming apps in recent months, alleging that some of the content was obscene or insulted in religious sentiment.

Let us tell you that censorship of TV and films is already happening in India. There is a separate organization for this but there is no censorship for online video streaming, while looking at the ruckus about censorship, Hotstar prepared its Code of Ethics in January this year, but Netflix said it does not need it is. Netflix said that current laws regarding its censorship are sufficient.

Significantly, the first Hindi series of Netflix Sacred Games made into the news. Even Sacred Games had to make rounds of the court last year over “outrageous scenes”, although the case was later dismissed. At the same time last month, a Maharashtra leader had filed a police complaint against Netflix, in which it was said to defame Hindus.

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