These beauties had become stars while sitting in the stadium. People had put so much efforts just to know their names

Pictures of Bollywood celebs are fiercely viral on social media. But many times there are many faces which inadvertently go viral and become social media stars. But today we will tell you about such girls who became a star while sitting in the stadium and people started trying hard to know their name.

During this IPL, the camera was staring at a beautiful face. The girl sitting in the stadium was engrossed on social media overnight. The girl’s name was Deepika Ghosh, wearing a red colored top and jeans during the match. The popularity of this IPL girl can be gauged from the fact that it also defeated Deepika Padukone in Google search. People started searching on Deepika’s name on Google to know about Deepika Ghosh so much that Deepika Ghosh’s name started appearing above Deepika Padukone in Google search.

Another girl also went viral during this IPL. The name of this girl is Aditi Handia. Aditi arrived at the stadium to cheer the Mumbai Indians. Aditi also became a social media star due to being caught on camera two or three times. Aditi is very active on social media. Aditi has also been a part of Miss India 2017.

During the Indo-Pakistan and Bangladesh matches, the camera stopped on this beauty many times and then what, Indian fans became her fans. On the other hand, Pakistan was losing the match and this woman was winning the hearts of Indians. The name of this woman was described as Nivya Navora. Nivya is very active on social media, but her name has many profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Kalanidhi Maran’s daughter Kavia Maran also became famous after watching the match at the stadium overnight. No one may have known the daughter of Sunrisers Hyderabad’s owner Kalanidhi Maran before, but as soon as the camera caught sight of her, her pictures started to be shared. Many types of gossips were started for her on social media.

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