Muslim friend collected 3 lakh rupees to build a temple at the behest of a Hindu friend in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, ANI. Abdulkhuda Mohammad Hanif Sheikh, who hails from Paripatti village in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, currently living in Pirmaan village in Bharuch, collected Rs 3 lakh for the construction of a temple at Paripatti village on the behest of his friend Vijay Kumar.

Hanif Sheikh told that he (Vijay Kumar) told me 4 months ago and came to me 10 days ago. There are many madrasas from Vapi to Mehsana, even in the village. I personally went to them and collected around 3 lakh rupees. We do not live as Hindus or Muslims, but with love.

Vijay Kumar said that I had asked him (Abdulkhuda Mohammad Hanif Sheikh) for help. I stayed here in Gujarat for 10 days and went with him to people and collected 3 lakh rupees. In our village, no one lives like a Hindu or a Muslim, everyone lives like friends.


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