Harbhajan gave such a reply to Pakistani actress Veena Malik that the public got entertained

Relationship between Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh and the wittiness is the same as between bat and ball. Harbhajan. On Tuesday, October 8, Harbhajan has again clean bowled someone with his wittiness. He gave a googly reply to Pakistani actress Veena Malik, saying that she (Veena Malik) should improve his linguistic skills before saying anything on public platform.

What happened?

Actually, Harbhajan had tweeted on October 2, in which he criticized Imran Khan’s speech and said that it indicated signs of nuclear war. He wrote that Imran Khan, a big player, has only increased hatred in both countries with words like ‘Bloodbath’ and ‘Will fight till the end’. As a fellow player, I hoped that he would talk about increasing peace. ‘

On this, Pakistani actress Veena Malik defended Imran Khan’s speech. Referring to Harbhajan’s tweet, Veena wrote, “PM Imran khan DID talk about peace in his speech.He talked about the reality and the horror that will surly occur when the curfew is lifted and sadly there’s gonna be a bloodbath.He clearly states that it’s not a threat but a fear
Don’t you understand English?, Harbhajan Singh

Veena got caught

In the tweet that Veena tweeted, English was wrong and Harbhajan caught it. Harbhajan wrote ‘What is surly? Oh well is it Surely (definitely)? Look at this English. Relax and the next time you post something in English, do read it once.

So here is the Twitter war between Harbhajan and Veena. Veena got hit wicket on Harbhajan’s googly.

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