Varieties Of Selfies You Can Take Only In India

1. I am sick and tired of all these usual Selfies

Varieties Of Selfies You Can Take Only In India

2. I Honestly do not know how to tell you how much i love Indian Railways

3. I Tell You….This Girl is the Selfie Queen

4. If i ever goes missing, Make Sure to use the selfie with the most number of likes

5. I am not showing off, I am just trying to keep me unique from the amateurs

6. Excuse me sir, Do I need to stick a smiley along with this selfie

7. Because i am the patriotism overloaded Bro!

8. My ex girlfriend and her current boyfriend will become jealous after i post this selfie

9. Actually there is no bad place for taking selfies..Is there?

10. Who does not like to show off their achievements?

11. When we get the perfect angle

12. Anything for 1 lakh likes

13. Hold on Python, Let me finish posing before you finish him

14. Now its time for an Elphie


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