‘Green wall’ to be built from Porbandar in Gujarat to Delhi, length will be 1400 km

The central government has decided to create a 1400 km long ‘green wall’ to save the environment and increase the green area in the country. This ‘green wall’ will be designed on the lines of the wall built in the continent of Africa. Its main objective is to protect the dust coming from the west side with environmental protection.

A ‘Green Wall of India’ will be constructed from Gujarat to Delhi-Haryana border on the lines of the green belt from Senegal to Djibouti in Africa. The length of this wall will be 1400 kilometers while the width will be up to five kilometers. It has been built in Africa to deal with environmental changes and rising deserts. It is also known as the ‘Great Green Wall of Sahara’.

According to the Times of India report, the idea of the government is still in its early stages, but officials of many ministries seem quite excited about it. If this project is approved, then it will be like an example in future to stop the increasing pollution in India.

Will help to prevent the dust coming from the west

It will be constructed on the eastern side of the Thar Desert. It will be constructed from Porbandar in Gujarat to Panipat in Haryana. This green wall will increase the depleting forest areas. At the same time, the crisis of declining greenery on the Aravali hills spread in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi will also be reduced.

The construction of this green wall will also help in stopping the dusty winds coming from western India and Pakistan to Delhi. An official said on condition of anonymity that the idea of curbing the declining forest and growing desert in India came from the recent United Nations Convention (COP 14). However, the idea has not yet reached the final stage for approval.

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