India lags behind Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, reaches 102nd out of 117 countries in terms of starvation

India is ranked 102 out of 117 countries in the Global Health Index (GHI) 2019 on the state of hunger arising due to inadequate food availability, while its neighbors Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh rank better than that.

As far as starvation and malnutrition are concerned, India is lagging behind its much smaller neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. India is ranked 102 in this list of 117 countries issued by two international non-profit organizations working for the purpose of humanitarian aid.

In the case of the Global Hunger Index, ie GHI score, countries are tested on a 100-point ‘severity scale’, with zero (no starvation) being considered the best score, and 100 being the worst score. According to the report, with a score of 30.3, India is struggling with such a level of starvation that is considered serious.

India was ranked 55th in the year 2014 in GHI, reaching 102nd place in 2019. However, the number of countries recorded in the list has been increasing every year. In the year 2014, India was ranked 55th in the list of 76 countries. In the list of 119 countries made in the year 2017, it was ranked 100th, and in the year 2018, it was ranked 103 in the list of 119 countries. In this year’s report, samples from 117 countries were assessed, and India was ranked 102.

The GHI is a peer-reviewed annual report, jointly published by Concern Worldwide in Ireland and Welthungerhilfe in Germany.

In this year’s GHI report, Pakistan is ranked 94th, Bangladesh 88th and Nepal is ranked 73rd in the list. According to those who prepared the report, it is designed to measure hunger at the global, regional and national levels.

According to the GHI report, “Because of its large population, the value in India’s Global Hunger Index indicator has a great impact on the region’s indicator value … India’s child vesting rate is 20.8 percent, which is extremely high – it is more than any country included in this report … ”

This index is calculated on four scales – low nutrition, child vesting (children under five years of age, who are underweight), child stunting (children under five years of age, whose height is age Is less than) and infant mortality rate below five years of age.

According to the GHI report, “This combination of indicators has many benefits to measure starvation … Indicators included in the GHI formula also reveal caloric deficiency and malnutrition … Undernutrition indicators of the entire population undernutrition. The situation is predictable, while indicators specifically tailored to children describe nutritional status in a particular segment of the population. ”

Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Aysac tweeted, “The Global Hunger Index of 2019 has arrived … India has slipped further to 102nd … With the ascent of Prime Minister Modi, this decline started … the year India was ranked 55th in 2014, it slipped to 100th position in 2017, and has reached the level of Niger and Sierra Leone … The bulk of the world’s hunger now resides in Hindustan … ”

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah tweeted, “According to the Global Hunger Index of 2019, India has slipped to 102nd among 117 countries … The report says that hunger levels in India are ‘severe’, and now Many also think that ‘good days will come’ … the question is when …? This will happen when all people, except close friends, die of hunger …? “

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