Know which posts from IAS and IPS are more powerful and who gets more salary

UPSC exam is considered to be one of the most difficult exams. The full form of UPSC is the Union Public Service Commission. Every year lakhs of young candidates from all over the country sit in this exam. Their dream is to pass this exam with good numbers and get an IAS or IPS post. But there are many people who do not know the difference between IAS and IPS. They considers both terms as equal. In such a post today, we will tell you about IAS and IPS and will tell which of the two posts is more powerful and why.

Who is IAS?

First of all, IAS is full form Indian Administrative Service. On clearing the IAS exam, you enter bureaucracy. Those who are elected in the IAS are made heads of various ministries or districts.

Who is IPS?

At the same time, about IPS, its full form is Indian Police Service, through which you join the top officers of the police unit. In this, you can reach DGP or Intelligence Bureau, CBI Chief from Trainee IPS. Let us know, there are 3 levels in the UPSC exam – prelims, mains and interview.

This is the difference between IPS and IAS

Let us tell you, IAS are always in formal dress and they do not have any dress code. At the same time, an IPS is required to always wear uniform during duty. The IAS can keep one or two bodyguards with them, but with an IPS, the entire police force operates. On becoming an IAS, you are awarded the medal but IPS gets the Sword of Honor Award.

What are the functions of IAS and IPS?

An IAS has the responsibility of public administration and policy formulation and implementation and the IPS takes the responsibility of maintaining law and order and preventing crime in the area.

Department and Salary

Since, an IAS officer handles the work of the government department and many ministries and IPS works in police department, their salary is fixed keeping all these in mind. Talk about salary, IAS gets more money than IPS. After the seventh pay commission, the salary of an IAS ranges from 56,100 to 2.5 lakhs per month. Along with this, many facilities are also provided to them.

At the same time, an IPS gets 56,100 to 2,25,000 per month as salary. Also, it is important to know that in one area there is only one IAS, whereas in one area there can be more than one IPS. Talk about hierarchy rank, IAS is also high in this. Let us tell you, only one IAS can be made DM of any district. At the same time, in one district, IPS is made SP.

Who is more powerful?

Although both of them are high-ranking officers, but as a DM, the power of IAS is very high. At the same time, an IPS handles only the responsibility of its department. As DM, IAS is also the head of police department as well as many other departments.

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