Photos: Indian Air Force is now 87 years old, showed gallantry at Hindon Airbase

The Indian Air Force, which has been showing valor and courage from time to time, has turned 87 today. On this occasion special program is being organized at Hindon Airbase in Ghaziabad. Today during Air Force Day, our soldiers are showing amazing feats in the air with fighter jets. Here’s a glimpse of the foundation day of the Indian Air Force in pictures:

The Indian Air Force was established on 8 October 1932. This foundation day is being done at Hindon Airbase after 87 years. Naval President Karamveer Singh and Army Chief Bipin Rawat also reached the venue today to extend the honor of the Air Force. The two chiefs were sworn in with the general salute. Group Captain Sachin Tedulkar also arrived at the event.

For the first time in the air show held at Hindon Air Force Station, fighter helicopter Apache and heavy lift helicopter Chinook also showed their strength. Four squadrons took part in the event, led by Abhishek Kumar, Rajandeep Beniwal, Ankit Saini, Sagar Gaur respectively.

The program started with an Air Force parade followed by medals for distinguished and highly specialized services. During this time, 51 Squadron Wing Commander Abhinandan was also honored. At the same time, the ninth squadron, which carried out the Balakot air strike after the Pulwama attack, was also awarded the War Service Medal.

After this, during the march of Nishan Toli under the leadership of Shivangi Rajawat, the people present in the program respected it. After honoring the soldiers, the Air Force Chief while addressing the soldiers and officers and other guests present in the program said that our commitment is the security of the country.

After this, various contingents of the Air Force performed their feats with music on the ground. After showing courage on the ground, the Air Force performed gallantry in front of the whole world in the sky. Thousands of people kept raising their heads and watching the helicopters and fighters flying in the air.

Chinook Aircraft, Apache Lethal Helicopter, Vintage Air, Dakota Aircraft, Hercules Fighter Jet and Sukhoi-30 also performed strongly during this period. First time, seeing the Chinook flying in the air, the excitement of the audience was being seen. Apache flypast reached number two, after which people clapped watching Vintage, Dakota, Hercules and Sukhoi-30.

When the aircraft flown in the sky, when the Avenger Formation reversed in the air, the hearts of the people increased and their mouths remained open. The entire synagogue resonated with the loud sound of planes spewing in the air. Meanwhile, people were happy seeing the heroic wing commander of Balakot Air Strike Abhinandan flying MiG-21. MiG aircraft made a lot of headlines with their performance.

At the same time, the Mirage-2000 and the Single Super-30 MKI also showed their feat in the sky. People kept their eyes on seeing the other planes going up and up in the sky. During this time, various aircraft flew from 9 airbases. Tejas, the country-made light combat aircraft, showed its acrobatics for the longest time in the sky. Sarang Helicopter and Surya Kiran Fighter Jet also performed at Rafael Formation.

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