Unique test is taken in this school to test the honesty of children

Children can learn science in the pages of books, these pages can also teach them mathematics. All other topics as well. But more than book knowledge it is important that children become honest. Be disciplined. Be ethical, because the same features on different fronts in life make them better human beings. The same perception of a school child from Tamil Nadu was investigated. An experiment was conducted.

Everything is found here, but there is no shopkeeper

In a panchayat union school in Pudukottai district of the state, the school has come up with a unique way to check the ‘honesty’ of children. They started setting up a store there. Many stationary items were kept in one place. These included books, pens, pencils, etc. Where this stall was set up, there was no one present to take the money. A drop box is placed. The children were asked to pick up whatever they want to buy and put the money in the dropbox.

Buy and sell goods every month

It is said that a math teacher from the school had the idea of Mekala. It was also an objective to teach children life. S. Bhaskaran, who teaches English in school. Bhaskaran says, ‘Sometimes children bring demands for many things. These things are not found in their village. We bought all those things. Every month we sell goods worth Rs 1000-1200. ‘

Parents are happy too

It is said that the children pick up the goods with complete honesty and put their price in the drop box. Their parents are also happy with this honesty test of children. This has also led to positive changes in the behavior of children. A child’s protagonist told in a conversation with The New Indian Express, “It is ensured in the school that the children tell the truth.” This is a very good thing. Children are also incorporating it into their lives with great enthusiasm. ‘

This experiment has been done since last one year

It is said that this unique store in the school has been running for the last one year. 126 children study in school and such a store is set up for them every month. Every time an equal amount of money has come out of the dropbox.

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