What is a curfew pass and how one can get it? Here is the information

On March 23, Delhi’s CAM Arvind Kejriwal announced curfew in the state to stop the spread of corona virus. Also, he had said that the Delhi government will take strict action against those who violate it. With this, the border of Delhi was also sealed. Only people connected with essential services in Delhi are allowed to go anywhere in the state. For this, curfew passes are being given to these people.

Without them, no person can go anywhere in Delhi. Even this rule is applicable to people coming from NCR. Let us know the answers to all the questions related to curfew pass.

Who will get the leverage?

curfew pass

Such people who are engaged in providing essential services to the citizens, they do not need any kind of pass. Their ID card is enough. Media persons are also exempted. They just have to carry their ID card. During this time, all public transport has also been banned.

How to get curfew pass?

curfew pass

Curfew passes are being given to the private sector people who are sharing the hand of the government in providing essential services. People living in Delhi can get it from the DCP office of their district. At the same time, people of NCR can get their pass from here:

  • Gurugram-Manesar: DCP Office, South-West District Vasant Vihar.
  • Faridabad: DCP Office, South-East District, Sarita Vihar.
  • Ghaziabad: DCP Office, Shahdara District, Shalimar Park.
  • Noida: DCP Office, East District, IP Extension Mandavali
  • Sonipat: DCP Office, Outer-North District, Samaypur Badli
  • Bahadurgarh – Jhajjar: DCP Office, Outer District, Pitampura

Ban on Non-essential travel

curfew pass

During this time, all the borders of Delhi will remain sealed and only emergency vehicles will be allowed to come. People who have come for essential service will be allowed to come to Delhi only after seeing the curfew pass. Non-essential travel has been completely banned.

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