13 Boyfriend Comics will Leave you Smiling

The following cartoons will make you understand that routine and life together don’t kill love between a couple. On the contrary, it makes it stronger.The hilarious collection of cartoons below is sure to make you smile if you’ve ever been in a relationship and how an adorable(lovable) boyfriend is like.

  1. Miss Pack woman

13 Boyfriend Comics will Leave you Smiling

2. The sweetest thing a man could EVER tell his girlfriend

3. How to silence an angry woman

4. Yep, She gets out of the bathroom and go “Look! I shaved my legs!”

5. I said it was me

6. What i get in return for being his finder of all things lost

7. She is an Idiot, so case is dismissed!

8. Better Luck Next time, Loser

9. As i am not a master in High Heels

10. I Am Too short to stand even on a tippy toes

11. Spit down the drool and google eyes, sweetie, he’s mine, come any closer and you’ll be sorry.

12. Some Rules are meant to break


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