Man slams ex-wife’s boyfriend for ‘stealing love’, gets compensation of 5.31 crore

A very surprising case has emerged in America. Here a man sued his ex-wife’s boyfriend for ‘stealing love’, after which he will now get compensation of about Rs 5.31 crore on the court’s order.

The man is named Kevin Howard, who lives in North Carolina, USA. They had been married for 12 years, but now they have divorced. Kevin says that he tried hard to save their relationship, but his wife wanted a divorce from him.

According to Kevin, he broke up badly after his divorce from his wife. He was not sure how it happened. However, he later enlisted the help of a private detective to find out what the matter was. During this time it was found out that his wife also has a lover, after which he understood that it was a case of fraud.

As soon as the whole matter was understood, Kevin filed a case of ‘Marriage Break Up’ with his ex-wife’s boyfriend. Kevin said that the man used to work in his ex-wife’s office and often visited his house. He thought he was his wife’s friend. He said that he did not sue for money, but to give a punishment for breaking the trust.

Explain that the seven states of North Carolina, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Mississippi, South Dakota and Utah have the law of ‘Elimination of Affection’. Under this law, the husband has the right over the love of wife and the wife has right over the love of husband. If someone falls in love with them or intentionally tries to break their marriage, he will be held guilty. This law is also called ‘Homraker Law’.

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