She Broke My Heart But It’s Made My Love Stronger

We were in relationship for quite a long time, almost 2 to 3 years. We had our fair share of amazing moments and some disastrous fights too. Despite everything, I loved her dearly and I knew I could never leave her, no matter what.
When It all comes down to just one thing, can you live without that one person or not? And when the answer is no, you come back, no matter how ugly the fight. Because you know the love is there. And for me, that is what defines true love.It’s not simply about staying together all the time, but about being unable to leave.

It was the same fight over the same silly thing that we usually fought over, almost a thousand times before, but this time, she didn’t come back.I begged her to come back. Cried, pleaded, did whatever I could because I loved her.

I knew I couldn’t live without her. But she didn’t return; no matter what I did. Back then, I failed to understand, why?

After a few months I learnt the reason; she was in a relationship with one of my friends, someone I’d introduced her to. I let her talk to him despite knowing that he had feelings for her. Only because I trusted her blindly and I knew that she wouldn’t betray my trust because she loved me.But that is exactly what she did!

When I asked her, she coolly said that she’d moved on with him after our breakup. That she lost feelings for me and developed feelings for him. And she went to him with genuine feelings. So that doesn’t count as cheating.

But when did we breakup? It was a normal fight, like the ones we regularly had. I didn’t even think about leaving her until this conversation, where she said that she was in love with another man now. Till then, I was with her, all the time, telling her how much I loved her and how badly I wanted her back.

Here I was crying my heart out while she was happily dating that a*****e without even telling me!

I loved her more than anything in the world. I loved her more than myself. I trusted her blindly without a speck of doubt. And she did this to me.

She broke my heart into so many pieces that they cannot be counted. She made me question every belief I had about love, people, women, life.. But she only broke my heart; she couldn’t break my virtue and beliefs.

Many of my friends think that I am an idiot for still believing in true love, that ‘no matter what’ kind of love and hope that I will find it one day. Many consider me stupid for being a feminist even after all this. But she couldn’t make me a heartless rock.

She broke my heart but I still carry every piece of it with utmost care and strive everyday to make this wicked world a better place for love.Why are we humans if we cannot stand with our fellow beings when they are deprived of love and care.

Why are we humans and what is the point of this society if people are ending their lives because of loneliness and depression? Only a human can help another human. Humanity and love is what the world needs.I didn’t lose my trust in love; I just started loving people more.

Now my love is not limited to just one person but extends to the whole world; to everyone who needs it. Because no one should die of loneliness. I know the pain because I have been through it and I am very thankful for the people around me, who helped me through it.

But yes, I am still waiting for the love of my life. Call me an idiot but I will love her in the same way and trust her with all my heart. Because that is what love is.

I only hope that she loves me and cares for me as much as I do. I still believe that true love can help you conquer the world.Love is the only true happiness one can have in life.


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