Where does weather and space meet …? NASA launched satellite to find out

NASA has launched a satellite on Thursday night to find out where weather and space meet. The name of this satellite is the Ionospheric Connection Explorer. This satellite has delayed the launch of two years. The satellite was dropped from an aircraft flying over the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast. Five seconds after it was dropped from the aircraft, the rocket mounted on the satellite took it on a predetermined path.

This satellite will work in the ionosphere, the topmost layer of the atmosphere. The entire atmosphere after about 80 kilometers from Earth is called the ionosphere. The ionosphere in volume is many times greater than its lower air but the total air volume of this vast region is less than 200th of the air volume of the atmosphere. That is, the air pressure in the ionosphere is almost negligible.

The usefulness of the ionosphere is highest in the transmission of radio waves. Gases of the ionosphere are ionized by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and by other high-energy rays and granules. Short waves are transported through the ionosphere for thousands of kilometers.

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