Ever wondered why we use K for thousand, why not use T?

After the year 2000, a lot had changed when Hrithik Roshan had entered the big screen, then the whole decade had changed. Also one thing that had changed was the way of writing thousand. While writing the date, we started writing 2K. We changed thousand to K instead of T. After this, gradually this change started appearing in rupees, we did not write 10 T and 20 T for 10 thousand or 20 thousand, but 10 K and 20 K. Have you ever thought while writing that why do we use K instead of T? If you have not thought, then let us tell you today.

K comes from the Greek word kilo

Actually, according to many reports, this K has been taken from the Greek word ‘Chilioi’, which means thousand. It is used only for thousand in Greek. Well it does not mean just thousand, but it is used for thousands. This word is also mentioned in the Bible. When the Greek word ‘Chilioi’ was adopted in French, it became Kilo.

then billion would be shown as a letter G

Since then, when someone had to multiply by a thousand, they used kilos. Like 1000 grams made kilograms, 1000 meters made kiloliters, 1000 liters made kiloliters etc. Since then, kilo is used for 1000. Since then, the kilo has been taken as the symbol of thousand.

know why k is used for thousand

So when we write Kilo in English, its spelling starts with K. That’s why this K is used. So whenever we write 10 thousand, we write 10K, not 10 T. Let us tell you, because of this Kilo, K is used for thousand.

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