8 Indian cricketers whose signature shots are so accurate that the ball only stops after crossing the boundary

Cricketers leave no stone unturned to entertain us by performing well on the field. We are lucky to see some great cricketers playing live cricket sitting at home. Talking about the batsmen, they always entertain us with their amazing cricketing shots. Be it Sachin Tendulkar’s ‘Straight Drive’ shot or Rohit Sharma’s ‘Pull’ shot, some shots of these best cricketers of the world have become memorable forever. We also know these shots of cricketers by the name of their signature shots.

Let us also know about the favorite cricketing shots of Indian cricketers today on this matter-

1. Sachin Tendulkar (Straight Drive)

Sachin Tendulkar

By the way, every shot of Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket, is amazing. But his ‘Straight Drive’ was just stunning. His shot usually stopped after crossing the boundary.

2. Virat Kohli (Cover Drive)

Virat Kohli Cover Drive

Virat Kohli is counted among the best cricketers in the world. Virat is also known for his aggressive batting along with his aggressiveness. ‘Cover Drive’ is Virat’s signature shots. He is known to play this shot very well.

3. M. S. Dhoni (helicopter shot)

MS Dhoni helicopter shot

Who can forget Former India captain M.S. Dhoni ‘s smoky batting. Dhoni’s ‘helicopter shot’ is famous all over the world. The way he used to show the way to the boundary of the yorker length ball, that moment became memorable. Now people start remembering Dhoni as soon as they hear ‘Helicopter Shot’.

4. Rohit Sharma (Pull Shot)

Rohit Sharma Pull Shot

Hitman Rohit Sharma bouncer is known for taking the ball across the boundary. Rohit’s signature shot is ‘pull shot’. He can not stop himself from playing this shot on the short pitch ball, and he also handles it better than any Indian batsman.

5. Virender Sehwag (Upper Cut)

Virender Sehwag Upper Cut

Fans still remember Virender Sehwag, the former explosive batsman of the Indian cricket team, for his explosive batting. Although Veeru had many shots, but his favorite shot was ‘Upper Cut’. This also became his ‘signature shot’. Sehwag has won matches for the Indian team by playing this shot many times.

6. Rahul Dravid (Square Cut)

Rahul Dravid coverdrive

Rahul Dravid was once called the ‘wall’ of the Indian cricket team. These days, Dravid is working as an Indian coach to hone the skills of cricketers. Dravid’s favorite shot is ‘Square Cut’. He used to play this shot very neatly by going inside his crease.

7. Rishabh Pant (One Hand Six)

rishabh pant one handed sixes

Rishabh Pant bats as well as he keeps wickets. Rishabh is an expert in hitting a six with one hand. He has done this seemingly impossible feat many times.

8. Kapil Dev (Natraj Shot)

 Kapil Dev Natraj Shot

How can we forget the former captain Kapil Dev, who got the Indian team the first ‘World Cup’. His Natraj shot was famous all over the world. This is similar to the hook shot, but Kapil Dev used to play it near the shoulder. The hook shot is played over the head.

Which of these cricketers’ signature shot do you like the most, tell in the comment box.

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