A 17-year-old international basketball player jumped into a dam to cut her life short, sent a voice message to her parents saying the reason…

Many cases of suicide are coming across the country, in which even at a young age, incidents of suicide are constantly coming to the fore. At a time when young teenagers are thinking of dying even in small matters, a similar case has recently come to light, in which a 17-year-old international basketball player committed suicide.

This incident has come to light from Baitul in Madhya Pradesh. Where 17-year-old promising international basketball player Prarthna Salve committed suicide by jumping into the dam. Her brother also died not long ago. Prarthna could not bear the shock, and she too chose to die. First the brother of Prarthna and now after the death of Prarthna, family is also in grief.

Prarthna has also played international basketball tournaments for the Indian team. Before committing suicide, Prarthna had sent a voice message to the family. In which she informed about suicide. In the voice message that Prarthna sent to her family members, she mentioned her brother’s death as the reason for her suicide. In the voice message, she told that she was very disturbed by the death of her brother.

Currently, the police is investigating the entire matter. The dead body of Baitul’s Kalapatha Extension resident Prarthna was found in Rock Kosmi Dam last Thursday. When the family received a voice message of Prarthna, the ground had slipped from under their feet, and they informed the police about this. Prarthna’s scooty was standing on the bank of the dam. On Thursday morning, the SDRF team exhumed the body of Prarthna and after that her body was sent for post-mortem.

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