IPL 2022 Mega Auction: How Much Salary Will Retained Players Get? Shocking numbers revealed

Before the start of IPL 2022 Mega Auction, all the franchises have to submit the list of players whom they want to retain. At present, the auction dates have not been announced, but before that the salary of the players to be retained in the team has been revealed.

List to be submitted by 30th November

All the old 8 teams of IPL will hand over the retention list of maximum 4 players to the BCCI by 30th November. Along with this, the names of the players who have been released by the franchises will also come out.

What will be the rules for the new teams

In IPL 2022, 2 new teams will be seen as Ahmedabad and Lucknow. Both these franchises will be allowed to buy 3 players before the mega auction. Under which 2 Indian and 1 foreign player can be bought.

If players are retained, how much salary will they get?

  • 4 players: Rs 42 crores (16 crores, 12 crores, 8 crores, and 6 crores)
  • 3 players: Rs 33 crores (15 crores, 11 crores, and 7 crores)
  • 2 players: Rs 22 crores (14 crores and 10 crores)
  • 1 player: Rs 14 crore (14 crore for capped players and 4 crore for uncapped players)

How will the IPL team use the purse?

The BCCI has increased the purse size of all the teams compared to last year. One can spend Rs 85 crore during the 2021 IPL auction. This year, this size has been increased to Rs 90 crore, increasing it by Rs 5 crore. The number of players that the team retains will be deducted from their purse, and they will enter the mega auction with the reduced purse size.

What will be the impact on purse size after retention?

  • 1 Retention – Rs 76 crore
  • 2 Retention – Rs 66 crore
  • 3 Retention – Rs 57 crore
  • 4 Retention – Rs 48 crore
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