Do not make mistake of searching these things even by mistake on Google, otherwise you may fall in trouble

In today’s time, Google has become a very important part of everyone’s life. Using Google, we can know the way from city to village and town. Apart from this, we can get any movie, song, documentary, book and research through Google, but it is very important to keep in mind that Google also has a limit. Everything has a limit and this is also applied to Google search. If you do not take care of your particular scope during Google search, then you may have to face trouble. Because Google is a platform providing all websites. In which wrong information is also printed in many places. Apart from this, online fraud has also become big trouble for all people. By clicking on the wrong URL or link, you can get into any big trouble and share your personal and financial information. Which increases your chances of being cheated. Today we are going to tell you some such important information which can be helpful for you while searching Google.

Nowadays, in the name of customer care, frauds are being done online on a large scale. Fake employees target innocent people and fraud with them by providing wrong business listings and customer care numbers. In today’s time, there are many fake websites related to online banking on Google. If you do not know the correct URL of your bank, then never search the banking website through Google. Always use the official URL for the secure banking system.

Through Google, you should not click on the mobile app or any other software until you know about that website correctly. Always use the app Google Play for your Android phone or the App Store for iPhone.

There are many such websites on Google which claim to cure various diseases ranging from weight loss. You can easily get suggestions of many diseases on Google, but is this information is correct? This cannot be guaranteed.

Never search for information about medicine or symptoms of diseases through Google. Otherwise, sometimes you can come into depression. Because sometimes you can get wrong information on the name of medicines and medical advice on Google. Therefore, contact your doctor to know the symptoms of any medicines.

If you do not know about a reliable e-commerce website, then never use it with the help of Google. It can also have a huge hand in online fraud. There are many such false websites exist on the Internet which work to rob the customer in the name of e-commerce. So always be careful.

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