Getting house in this village of Italy costs only 80 rupees, know the reason

Moving to Italy can be a dream for many people. Now a city council of the Italian island of Sicily is helping foreigners settle there. And all this is being done at a very nominal cost. The cost of settling in this particular village is one euro, that is, about 80 rupees. In 2019, officials in Sambuca, a village in the Sicilian countryside, announced a special plan to tackle the problem of steadily decreasing population. They decided that the old vacant houses lying vacant in the village should be sold for just one euro, that is, about eighty rupees.

Like many small towns and villages in Europe, Sambuka also has a declining population over time and currently the population of this village is only 5,800 as the local people have migrated to either the nearby cities or abroad. Therefore, the city council of Sambuka has decided to buy old vacant houses and sell this house to people around the world at a low price so that new people can be attracted to settle here. As a result, people from other parts of the world and the community got an opportunity to come here and settle their dream home.

Sambuca Mayor Leonardo Sicacio says, “First the city council bought the houses after completing legal proceedings. Then the first 16 houses were auctioned. All these houses were bought by foreigners. The scheme was successful. Many artists from around the world were interested in it. They saw Sambuka and started settling. ” Sambuca’s deputy mayor and architect Giuseppe Cacioppo says, “The people who bought houses are mainly music and dance artists, journalists and writers and are of good interest. They can admire the natural beauty here.”

“People around the world have shown interest in our village and our culture. So far 60 houses have been sold,” says Marissa Montalbano, a resident of Sambuca. Here, the only condition for buying a house at such a cheap price is that new buyers should invest money to get the house repaired. It can take a lot of money for the buyer of the house to get the repairs done and they are given three years to get this work done.

Due to this plan of ‘one euro’ house, Sambuka became famous overnight in the world. Since the inception of the scheme, 40 houses have been sold at normal market prices. Those who buy houses in Sambuca include not only foreigners but also immigrants from Italy. One of them is Gloria Origi, who first lived in the city of Milan, Italy, but then settled in Paris.

Regarding the decision to buy a house in Sambuca, she says, “I lived in France for many years but always wish I had a house in Italy. What I liked most about Sambuka is the beauty here, the people here The affinity of the place is rarely seen. People here are open-hearted and that’s why I decided to buy a house here. ”

Marisa Montalbano is also a new resident of Sambuca. She says, “I moved to the United States with my parents as a child. I lived in Chicago for 11 years. After that, when I returned to Sambuca, there were some problems to stay here in the beginning. But then I found the beauty here Lifestyle is really better. ”

Sambuca Mayor Leonardo Cicacio is very happy that life is flourishing again in the vacant houses here. The success of this plan of Sambuca has also inspired other villages in Italy where the population is decreasing. They are also considering starting this type of scheme. But the success of this scheme also depends on whether foreigners as well as Italian immigrants will also be tempted to return home.

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