Some Of The Best Stand up Comedy Videos Enriched With Indian Tadka

Do you love to laugh? Well, we surely do, just as much as we love to breathe! And there are a lot of things around you that can make you laugh, and here we’ve found some the best stand up comedy performances to make you literally laugh out loud.So just sit back and enjoy watching these videos.

1. Abhishek Upmanyu: Breakup, Respecting elders & Discrimination

We’ve all had a friend who’s gone through a breakup and bores you with endless stories. Also nobody has ever explained to us the logic behind respecting elder. Do you find this relatable? Then you must surely watch this video!

2. Rajneesh Kapoor: I love India English

There’s American English, there is British English and then there is the unbeatable Indian English! Yeah that’s right, the one we Indians have created on our own. This video is surely gonna make you ROFL!

3. Aakaash Mehta: Parents (Beat your kids)

Parents are always instructed to not beat their children, but watch this hilarious video to know why parents should beat their kids!

4. Kautuk Srivastava: School Crushes

Our school life is/was incomplete without crushes. This video captures a typical teenager’s love story and will give you tips on how to approach your crush.

5. Jaspreet Singh: Horror Movies

We are all fed up with the logic behind every Indian Horror movie. In fact, we all ended up laughing and you’re gonna laugh even more after watching this video which talks about the so-called ‘scary’ horror movies.

6. Aakash Gupta: Train Journey & Honeymoon trips

Every train journey gives rise to a new comical story. This video talks about overprotective family members and jokes about train journeys. Also, there’s a hilarious rant about couples and their honeymoon trips!

7. Gaurav Kapoor: Follow your Dreams

We have always been told to follow our passion and dreams. But should we really do that? Find the answer in the video where you’ll find jokes about career, traveling and how Bollywood promotes “Follow your Passion” motto.

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