Netaji did not fulfill election promises, people dragged him into the road, tied in a car, video went viral

During the election, you must have heard the leaders making many promises and would have forgotten all those promises as soon as they won the election. Winning elections by making false promises is a very old tactic of leaders, but this is rarely seen when the public has taken any action against these false promises, but for the first time such an incident has come to the fore.

In fact, the people of Margaritas of Chiapas State in Mexico dragged the Mayor George Luis Ascendon Hernandez to the car for not fulfilling his promise to build a road. Mayor George had promised people to build roads during the election. Now his tenure is nearing completion and he is yet to fulfill his promise.

Roads in rural areas are not yet built. Angry villagers surrounded his office for not fulfilling the promise. As the mayor exited the office, people grabbed him and tied him to the back of the car and dragged him along the streets of the city.

The villagers kept dragging the mayor on the road for a long time, then when the police intervened in the case, the villagers released the mayor. The mayor also suffered severe injuries in the incident and clashes between police and villagers over it, in which 20 people were injured. Taking cognizance of the case, the police has detained 30 people.

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