Person says ‘iPhone made him gay’, sues Apple company for Rs 11 lakh

Can someone become gay because of a mobile company? This question is very strange and perhaps you will say “No” in the answer, but a similar case has come up in Russia, which has surprised everyone. Actually, a person here sued the Apple company saying that he became gay because of the iPhone.

According to media reports, the man downloaded an application on his iPhone in the year 2017, through which he ordered cryptocurrency bitcoins, but instead of bitcoins, he was sent 69 gaycoins. Along with that money, he also got a message in which it was written, ‘Don’t decide without trying’.

The person also thought that the message written in the message is absolutely correct, because without trying how anyone decides anything. He then decided to have a gay relationship.

According to reports, the man told that he now has a boyfriend, but he is upset about how to tell his family about it. He says that now he has completely changed and maybe he will never be normal again.

The man has now accused the Apple company of fudging and pushing him to homosexuality and has filed a lawsuit seeking moral compensation and mental health damages and sought compensation of Rs 11 lakh from the company.

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