The world’s weirdest tax, on a pumpkin somewhere and get a tattoo done somewhere else

In almost every country of the world, people have to pay taxes to the government according to their income, because this is linked to the development of the country. But if you are told that you will have to pay tax to get a tattoo or buy a pumpkin, then how will you feel. Today we are going to tell you about some such strange tax, which you will be surprised to know about.

You have never heard of paying tax for pumpkins, but this happens in New Jersey, USA. People also have to pay tax to buy pumpkin.

Tattooing has become a hobby of today’s youth, but imagine if you have to pay tax on it too? Yes, people in the US state of Arkansas have to pay a six percent sales tax for tattoos.

How would you feel if you had to pay tax on toilet flush too? Something similar happens in Maryland, America. The government here levies tax of about Rs 355 per month on the use of toilet flush. However, these funds are spent on cleaning the drains.

People also have to pay taxes on buying blocks in Arizona, USA. However, if people buy ice cube, there is no tax for it.

In Alabama, USA, people also have to pay tax to buy or sell playing cards. The buyer has to pay 10 per cent ‘card pack’, while the seller has to pay Rs 71 for fees as well as Rs 213 for an annual license. However, this tax only applies to those purchasing 54 cards or less.

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