STRONGER! – Poetry

By- Varsha Mahankar

You left me at my lowest

To my heart, you were just a guest

The daily fights got my mind off

It was more of a war kind of

I never meant to hurt you

I always wanted to protect you

You and me in anger

Couldn’t withstand each other

Your thoughts controlled mine

Between love and hate,

Laid a fine line

Finally we broke up

From the nightmare I woke up

Now, I love your hate

More than your love

I want to open that restricting gate

And make a free flight as a dove

All in peace and harmony

Our relation was always an irony

I learned to cope up with situations

This hate made me stronger

No,not in search for attention

Cause this hurt made me stronger

Stronger than my own damn self

Stronger than I was before

Built my own personality

Encountered the cruel reality

I can be me now

The tensions and depressions

Are strangers to me now

Made myself mentally strong

The things go no more wrong

Let me live my own way

Let me be more stronger

Day by day.


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