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    I want to spend some more time with you, Taking sips of hot brew. Some more time with my Love, With my love, I want to get screw. Some more time, to sit together, Some more time, to sync our heart beats altogether. Some more time, to talk, Some more time, to walk. Some more […] More

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    The Show Must Go On


    Life has turned out to be so harsh; it seems I have lost all the wars; everything is going so wrong; Destiny is angry with me since long. People have got a chance to mock; their comments give me a terrible shock; I have got lost in the crowd; Please, God, help me and pull […] More

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    PRESENCE – Poetry

    By: Trisha Verma Your presence always made me smile, Letting me walk another mile. Your presence took out all my piles, That I keep hiding from my big wide smile. Your presence always made me bright, Taking me, to those great heights, Where you and me were on flight!! Your presence always made me bloom, […] More

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    STRONGER! – Poetry

    By- Varsha Mahankar You left me at my lowest To my heart, you were just a guest The daily fights got my mind off It was more of a war kind of I never meant to hurt you I always wanted to protect you You and me in anger Couldn’t withstand each other Your thoughts […] More