The Show Must Go On

Life has turned out to be so harsh;
it seems I have lost all the wars;
everything is going so wrong;
Destiny is angry with me since long.

People have got a chance to mock;
their comments give me a terrible shock;
I have got lost in the crowd;
Please, God, help me and pull me out.

Yes I know I am at fault;
my mistakes have brought my progress to a halt;
just as a new leaf appears when the old one dries;
‘Never lose hope’ my little heart cries.

All I can do is hope for a better tomorrow;
only this can help me to heal my sorrow;
being among the losers I can’t bear any more;
I must grab the next opportunity that knocks at my door.

Soon there will be a bright day;
things will turn cheerful and gay;
I must right all my wrongs;
With a positive attitude, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.


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